A Champoeg Treat

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Champoeg Park

A few Indian plums were in bloom, a member of the rose family. There were other wildflowers to be see too, tiny asters and little purple flowers scattered in the grassy areas.

It was sunny with temperatures in the lower 60s, only two days before Valentines Day.

Fence along the trail

I did a five-mile loop hike mainly along the Willamette River from Champoeg (Cham-poo-e’) State Park to a nature trail by a pioneer woman’s grave. It always makes for a fun outing, not only for the beautiful scenery, but also because it’s an interesting trip through history.

Champoeg Park is the location where in 1843 the settlers of the area voted to have Oregon became a provisional territory of the United States. By a slim margin, folks like your humble scribe are Americans today.

For those of you that follow the migration of birds, I did not see one migratory bird. Wait one more month and there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of geese in the area. And, maybe a few turkey vultures too.

Indian Plum, an early wildflower


Small wildflower

Willamette River

Not a place to be in 1861


Pleasant stretch of trail

Commemorating the “vote”



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