A Humble Visit to the Oregon Vietnam Memorial

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Washington Park

After visiting the Oregon Zoo, I went to the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial nearby to pay tribute. As some of you know, earlier in my life I served in a combat zone.

Every time I stand in front of the monument to the Oregon veterans who died in combat, I try to understand why them and not me. After all these years I still don’t have an answer, and probably never will.

Now you understand why I regularly visit the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial to pay tribute and sometimes to shed a tear.

Vietnam Memorial Wall

After visiting the Memorial I turned uphill, hiking over Council Crest to home. The sunshine, wildflowers and birds reminded me of how great it is to be alive.

Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Entrance to Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Marquam Trail leading to Council Crest



View of Downtown from Council Crest

Marquam Trail

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  1. I can understand. Thank you for serving.

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