Snow Covered Volcanos on the First Outing of Summer

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After a springtime that seemed to be endless rain, we finally got a nice sunshiny day as summer began.

The snow-covered crown jewels of the Cascade Mountains promised to be visible from nearly any location around Portland. But, the best spot to see them is Council Crest.

With that in mind, I took off on SW Urban Trails and through the Marquam Nature Park to see for myself.

Sure enough, plain as day, there was Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood.

Oh, and along the way there were bees looking for pollen and a few wildflowers still in bloom.

I’m looking forward to many more sunny days.

Mt. Adams over Portland


Honey Bee on a Little Wild Rose

Mt. Hood from Council Crest

Backyard fauna

Mt. St. Helens and a hazy Mt. Rainier over Portland


Salmonberry and a Honey Bee coming in for a landing on a Little Wild Rose


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