An Amazing Aerial Tree Walk

Leach Botanical Garden was acquired by the City in 1972. It covers 16 acres in southeast Portland.

The Garden is well known for  its wide variety of plants and flowers, including hybrids, cultivars, native and non-native. But, the trees are what sets the Garden apart.

There are many large Douglas Firs and Cedars there. And, what makes it amazing is you can actually walk in the tree tops. An aerial tree walk was constructed among the trees, blending in with the surroundings. It is an immersive experience.

We visited the Garden in early August. In truth, the flowers would have been more impressive in the springtime, but there were still many to see and enjoy.

It was our first visit – – – it won’t be our last.

Walkway in the trees

My Favorite Model



Walkway among the trees

Walkway above My Favorite Model



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