Tualatin Hills Squirrels

On a pretty day in mid-October, we returned to the Tualatin Hills Nature Park to do a four-mile loop hike.

We spotted many squirrels out foraging, getting ready for winter.

The 222-acre Park, surrounding the confluence of Cedar Mill Creek and Beaverton Creek, is always a fine spot to see wildlife. Over the years I’ve seen deer, nutrias, snakes, newts, squirrels, songbirds, bunnies and many varieties of waterfowl.

It is remarkably diverse with wetlands, forests, ponds and streams. The trails’ names tell the story – – – Oak, Owl, Old Wagon, Vine Maple, Big Fir, Cougar, Cedar Grove, Ash, Serviceberry, Big Pond, Trillium Loop and Ponderosa Loop.

A nice place to visit.

A very plump Gray Squirrel


One of many spiders in its web

Small lake by the trail

A tasty treat for a Fox Squirrel

Not exactly bright blue flowing water

A Gray Squirrel scratching an itch

Well-maintained trail system

Fox Squirrel on the alert


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