Late Autumn in the West Hills

By late November and early December, we have already had some frosty mornings. The leaves from the maples and other hardwoods cover the ground. They crunch under my feet as I hike the trails.

Due to the leaves having fallen from the trees, many of the vistas have opened up of the surrounding hills.

I keep reminding myself that early spring wildflowers will begin blooming in less than two months on the east end of the Columbia River Gorge.

Well-camouflaged Pine Squirrel

Still a few flowers in bloom

Pioneer Woman Sculpture


Gray Squirrel

Few leaves still falling

Pesky Crow

A gloomy day on Council Crest

An urban stretch of southwest city trails

Sunnyside Trail

Marquam Trail

Remnant of Halloween

Wooden fence along the Marquam Trail






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