Up at the Crack of Dawn

The first days of the New Year are always a treat. On this morning I jumped (well, maybe not jumped) out of bed and noticed a tinge of color on the horizon.

After quickly throwing on some clothes, I grabbed the camera and headed outdoors.

Wow! What a treat it was. The sunrise was almost blood red in the southeast. I quickly took some photos before it faded away.

Soon I was hiking toward Marquam Nature Park in the sunshine (and cold, gusty winds), then up the steep hills to Council Crest. There I was treated to the sun glistening off of fresh snow on Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.

What a great start to the New Year. Hopefully, it’s a good omen of things to come.


Fresh snow on Mt. St. Helens

A common occurrence this time of the year on the Marquam Trail

Mt. Hood from Council Crest

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