Mid-Winter in the Heights

The days of winter are always a time of both dormancy and new life. As I hike through the West Hills of Portland, periodic blasts of arctic air, snow and freezing rain keep most life scurrying to survive.

But, I typically spot a few crows, small songbirds and squirrels.

It won’t be long until I begin seeing new growth. It’s both a time of waiting and of enjoying the few signs of new life to be seen.

Gray Squirrel on the hunt

Rain Forest along the Marquam Trail

Crow has the eye on me

Pileated Woodpecker

Takes lots of work to keep the trails open

Song Sparrows

Mt. Adams over Portland on a day of significant temperature inversion

Vireo (?), Pine Squirrel and Song Sparrow

SW Portland Trails

A hardy winter bloom

Sun breaking through the fog on Council Crest








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