Those Crows!

Crows are very common in the West Hills of Portland, especially in the springtime. They are often associated with carrion, as one of my photos below indicates. But, the crafty birds are opportunistic eaters. It’s not uncommon to see them stealing food out of garbage cans.

The truth is that they seem to eat about anything from grubs to other birds’ eggs to stealing pet food from outdoor dishes. Like other corvids (ravens, Stellar jays, magpies, etc.) they are very intelligent. In fact, they make interesting companions as I hike the trails of the Tualatin Mountains.

Like me, they’re enjoying the sights of springtime and the warm sunshine.

A Crow doing its job



Nice view of Mt. St. Helens from Council Crest


Urban Trail

Interesting staircases

I wasn’t the only one on the Marquam Trail





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  1. Truly lovely photos, John, thanks for taking us on the trail with you. You have a moving combination of images eliciting the ethereal (purple flower with black background) as well as the reality (people shots).

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