Marquam Nature Park and Marquam Trail: Achieving Two Goals

Nature Park

With over 200 acres of undeveloped land, Marquam Nature Park is the third largest park in Portland. The natural area supports an abundance of native plant species, and contains over seven miles of trails that wind around Marquam Hill, through trees such as Douglas fir, western hemlock, red cedar and bigleaf maples. There is a shelter with interpretive displays near the entrance.

Marquam Trail

Marquam Nature Park includes a portion of the 5.3-mile Marquam Trail, one of Portland’s great trail assets, connecting the 31-mile Wildwood Trail with Terwilliger Boulevard and other trails in Southwest Portland. The north end of the Marquam Trail begins near the Oregon Zoo, then crosses Highway 26 and heads up to Council crest at 1,073 feet. This is the highest point in Southwest Portland and offers far-ranging views on a clear day. From there the Trail descends to enter Marquam Nature Park and ultimately terminate at Terwilliger Boulevard.

Hiking Accomplishments

On an eight-mile hike in late spring, I accomplished two goals. As often as I have hiked in Marquam Nature Park, I had never hiked every trail in the Park. On that day I hiked the steep Warbler Trail to its end. Hooray! Now I had covered every inch of trails in the Park. And, on the same day, I hiked the Marquam Trail all the way to Terwilliger Boulevard. Hooray! Now I had hiked every inch of the Marquam Trail.

It’s time to come up with some new hiking goals.

Mt. Hood from Council Crest

Gray Squirrel

Song Sparrow hitting a high note

Tiger Lilies

Spotted Towhee

Footbridge in Marquam Nature Park

Song Sparrow


Song Sparrows and a Dark-eyed Junco

Crow enjoying some flowers

Song Sparrow doing its thing

Sun-dappled Marquam Trail





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  1. Wonderful to learn about Marquam park and trail, John, it looks so lush and beautiful. I really liked all the photos, especially the singing sparrows, and loved your enthusiasm for reaching your goals. Happy summer to you.

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