Scenes of the Autumnal Equinox

The Time of Change

Summer has faded into autumn. Days are shorter and mornings are cooler. As I hike the trails through Marquam Nature Park and up to Council Crest, I see many changes. Leaves are falling from the maple trees, only a few flowers are in bloom and the squirrils are beginning to store their food for winter.

It’s time to enjoy the last days of sunshine knowing the rains will soon come. And, I’m beginning to see a few Halloween decorations along the way. I look forward to seeing the colorful leaves of the many hardwoods, but I am also somewhat sad to leave summer behind.

Leaves on the trail


Blue Moon

Salmon heading home

Council Crest


Song Sparrows


Olebolle the Troll

We visited a new sight in Southwest Portland, the brainchild of Danish artist Thomas Dambo. He constructs trolls with volunteer help using recycled materials — namely, old wood pallets. We went to see his newest creation at the Northwest Nordic Campus. 

The 19-foot troll is named Olebolle. It is peering into a red house and is apparently looking for a giant cookie jar. The scene is based off a poem the artist wrote. 


A Troll’s treasure

Northwest Nordic Campus


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