Winter Wonderland above the 45th Parallel

For as far north as Portland is, it gets little snow. But thanks to an Arctic cold front and moisture-laden air from the Ocean, we were entertained with a few inches of the cold, white stuff in mid-January. What a great excuse to bundle up and do a loop hike from home to Council Crest, the highest point in the City.

We started by hiking Southwest Urban Trail no. 6 to the Marquam Trail. Due to the wet, heavy snow, branches of trees were bending down over the Marquam Trail on the ascent to Council Crest. Pushing through the snow-covered branches hanging over the Trail gave me the appearance of a snowman. What fun!

The schools had been closed in the West Hills due to the weather. In Portland it only takes the threat of some snow to close the schools and many businesses. Kids were out in force enjoying the snow by building snowmen, sledding down the hills and throwing snowballs. It was infectious. What a pleasant way for us to spend a couple of hours. And it provided some exercise too – – – four miles and 700 feet of elevation gain.

My Favorite Model on the Marquam Trail

Snowy Scene along the Marquam Trail

Your Humble Scribe on the Marquam Trail

My Favorite Model gallivanting in the West Hills

Only in Portlandia

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