Oregon Zoo with the Ankle-biters

Screeching ankle-biters here, running & kicking ankle-biters there, ankle-biters everywhere! It soon dawned on us that warm sunshine on a Saturday in mid-winter was probably not the best time to visit the Oregon Zoo for peace and quiet. Nevertheless, it was still fun to see the animals out enjoying the sun. Mountain goats, tigers, wolves and leopards were sprawled out in the sunshine dreaming about wild visions of the past.

Taking advantage of our annual pass, we visited the 64-acre zoo in the West Hills of Portland only one mile from home as the crow flies. It’s a fine facility and one we always enjoy. But that day due to the great number of small kids jostling and crowding to the front of every exhibit, I didn’t get the opportunity to take many photos. Even for a curmudgeon though, it was a good trade-off. I always enjoy seeing young children begin to gain an understanding of the broader world they live in.

Mountain Goat

Nature’s Art, a beautiful Wood Duck

Sharpest Knife in the Drawer?

Bald Eagle


An irritated Wolf (what expressive eyes)

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