Nude Sunbathing in mid-Winter above the 45th Parallel

My old highschool buddy and renown tour guide Dan visited us the second week of February. On Monday we were greeted with warm sunshine. I took him to Sauvie Island. Covering 40 square-miles, it is the largest river island in the United States, bigger than Manhattan Island. In fact, it’s so large it has its own rivers, lakes, interior islands and sloughs. Lewis & Clark once camped on the island, but nowadays its primarily farmland and a wildlife refuge. Laying about 10 miles northwest of home, I visit often to hike various trails and photograph birds.

We drove the handful of roads on the island, spotting bald eagles, smaller raptors, a great blue heron, many sandhill cranes and an egret. Across the road from one of the entries to the island’s nude beach was our first stop. To my surprise there was a nude couple on the beach enjoying the bright sunshine and 48 degrees weather. Who would have guessed?

Next we drove to the trailhead near Virginia Lake. Again I was surprised. While watching geese and mallards in the Lake we spotted a coyote hunting in the marsh grasses near the water. What a fun day.

Friend Dan admiring the clothing-optional sign

Coyote near Virginia Lake

Blackberry Leaves

Kite propulsion for a kayaker on the Columbia River

Mt. St. Helens behind the Columbia RIver


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