An Elk Hunters’ Dream

On the fifth day of old friend Dan’s visit we headed to the western slopes of the Coastal Mountains. Our first destination was the Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area, managed by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife to provide winter habitat and supplemental feeding for wild Roosevelt Elk. A series of open pastures border a paved road, offering good views of over 200 Elk during winter and spring.

Elk are one of my favorite big game animals and, of course, I greatly enjoy hunting them in the fall. The big bulls are magnificent and can weigh well over 1,000 lbs. And, it doesn’t hurt they are delicious to eat. We stopped and admired four large groups of elk. To add to the visual delight, the last bunch of elk were all large bulls. Where oh where were they when I was hunting last fall?

Roosevelt Elk Bulls

Roosevelt Elk on the Alert

Roosevelt Elk getting up (it’s surprising how fast they can get to their feet)

Asleep at the Wheel

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