Fishhawk Falls Delight

Most waterfalls in the northern Oregon Coast Range occur where streams cross basalt bedrock formations. Fishhawk Creek at Lee Wooden Park is a classic example. After passing under Highway 202, the creek drops 60 feet over an outcropping of columnar basalt. The stacked basalt columns of the dike exposed at Fishhawk Falls is identical to Columbia River basalt further east. I find it amazing that this basalt flow ranks among the longest on earth, stretching 300 miles from eastern Oregon and Washington.

After viewing elk at Jewell, friend Dan and I drove five miles to Lee Wooden Park. From there it was a short hike to Fishhawk Falls. After passing through a pleasant meadow the trail went by some huge hemlock trees growing alongside Fishhawk Creek. It made for a very enjoyable setting and a nice interlude on our way to the Coast.

Large Hemlock Tree

Friend Dan at Fishhawk Falls

60-foot Fishhawk Falls

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