Birds, birds and more birds

Fresh snow greeted me in the morning, a nice treat in early March. By noon the sun was successfully fighting through the clouds and melting the snow. It was time to stretch the legs. What better destination than Sauvie Island?

I drove to the Virginia Lake Trailhead and did the easy 2 ½ mile loop twice. It’s an interesting hike that goes around marshy, wildlife-rich Virginia Lake. A side trail visits Multnomah Channel where anglers try their luck in the Columbia River backwater. For entertainment, I spotted several blacktail deer, a chipmunk and many species of birds. Does life get any better?

Virginia Lake

Song Sparrow

Indian Plum BLossom

Great Blue Heron Taking Off

Northern Shoveler Ducks

Blacktail Deer losing their thick winter coats

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  1. In New Jersey, there is a mythos about this creature called the Jersey Devil.

    One time at dusk driving through the New Jersey everglades as a child I saw a Great Blue Heron in flight.

    After that, I was sure the myth came from similar sightings because the heron looked pretty formidable, and somewhat pre-historic, in flight.

    Beautiful creatures.

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