A bully hike with Teddy Roosevelt

Friend Joe Wiegand is the premier Theodore Roosevelt repriser in the United States. The second week of May he visited Oregon to give a series of presentations around the state as Teddy Roosevelt. Arriving in Portland on a gorgeous sunny day, he had a few hours open to enjoy an outing. Friend Bill and I took Joe to Oak Island (in Sauvie Island) to hike the three-mile trail that meanders around the northwestern perimeter of the Island.

Sauvie Island is impressive, covering 40 square-miles. It is the largest river island in the United States, bigger than Manhattan Island. In fact, it’s so large it has its own rivers, lakes, interior islands and sloughs. Lewis & Clark once camped on the Island, but nowadays its primarily farmland and a wildlife refuge. Laying about 10 miles northwest of Portland, I visit often to hike various trails and photograph birds.

We had a bully time. A bald eagle was spotted sitting on its nest and several other eagles were floating in the thermals above us. Little songbirds delighted us with wonderful melodies and large swaths of blue camas lilies were in bloom.

What could be better than a fun outing on a nice spring day with friends?

Your humble scribe and Teddy Roosevelt (friend Joe) with Sturgeon Lake and snow-covered Mt. St. Helens in the background

Bee collecting nectar from a Camas Lily

Bald Eagle on its giant nest

Sara’s Orangetip Butterfly on a purple Vetch

Friends Joe and Bill

Pleasant trail meandering through the White Oak trees

Spring Azure Butterfly on a Camas Lily – what a beautiful combination of colors

Teddy Roosevelt in the flesh

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  1. I have a copy of Theodore Rex on my coffee table waiting to be read. I think I’ll pick it up this evening! Thanks for the inspiration and a great blog.

  2. My god the man looks like T. Roosevelt.

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