Painted Hills IV

In early October I spent five days in the John Day country. Early in the trip I journeyed to the Clarno Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

After exploring the trails in the Clarno Unit, I drove to the Painted Hills Unit of the National Monument.

The Overlook and Painted Cove Trails are relatively short. Here are a few photos from the easy hikes.

Painted Hills

Painted Hills

Juniper berries (Junipers are about the only trees that grow in the area)

Painted Hills

Painted Hills with Rabbit Brush in foreground

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  1. I grew up in Southern Oregon and I’ve never been here but have wanted to for a long time. This week after seeing your pictures I’ve started to think a little more seriously about making a trip to see the Painted Hills next spring. Thanks for sharing and planting seeds.

  2. Thanks for your gorgeous photos, John, and the inspiration I need to get over there and see that area.

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