Painted Hills IX – Blue Basin

In early October I spent five days in the John Day country. On the third day of the trip I journeyed to the Sheep Rock Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

After a pleasant hike into Blue Basin on the The Island in Time Trail, I took the much tougher three-mile Blue Basin Overlook Trail.

The trail provided great views 600 feet down into the bluish-green amphitheater. There were some nice vistas over the John Day River Valley too.

Even though I was still fighting a miserable cold, it was an amazing outing.

Blue Basin (Notice the footbridge on the Island in Time Trail)

Juniper bark

Looking north over the top of Blue Basin

Late afternoon light on Cathedral Rock

Hikers heading down the trail into the John Day River Valley

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  1. Looks a bit rugged.

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