Painted Hills X – Foree Area

In early October I spent five days in the John Day country. On the third day of the trip I journeyed to the Sheep Rock Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

After a tough hike on the Blue Basin Overlook Trail, I drove by Cathedral Rock to the Foree area.

There were two fairly easy trails to choose from. I began by taking the Story in Stone Trail with nice views of colorful rock formations and landscapes.

The Flood of Fire Trail was taken next, ending in a grand view of tall, colorful cliffs.

View at end of Flood of Fire Trail (One solitary Juniper Tree on top of the cliffs)

Sights along the Story in Stone Trail

Colorful Rabbit Brush in bloom

Blueish-green Claystone bleeding into the cream-colored Tuff Formation below

Basalt Capstone protecting the much-softer Claystone from erosion

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