Fun Toys at the Auto Show

Prancing ponies, polished chrome and highly-waxed sheet metal. The Oregon International Auto Show had arrived at the Convention Center.

We toured the various exhibits, taking photos along the way. Not an easy task by the way. The lighting was horrendous for photography. There were spotlights mixed with natural light and reflections galore. Thankfully I was shooting in Raw format, allowing for corrections in the white balance afterward.

As always, it was a fun event with a showing of new cars, some motorcycles and the latest “green” vehicles. Looking at many of the new cars (Volts, multiple versions of Prii, etc.), I couldn’t help but think about the old Charlie Tuna commercials – – – – I don’t want a tuna with good taste, I want a tuna that tastes good!

Being an AMG owner, I’m interested in a driver’s car – – – performance, simplicity, great brakes, good visibility and excellent active accident-avoidance capability. To my chagrin, many of the new cars were focused on electronic gadgetry, interconnectivity, slowness and passive accident-response capability. Nonetheless, there were a few highlights, including the AMG SL63, new Viper and Grand Cherokee SRT8. Now those are fun vehicles.

But, like most boys at heart, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself. The exotic toys and prototype vehicles brought a grin to the face. Here are some photos of the event.

















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