Nature Paints the Hills

Near Mitchell is one of the premier showcases of Oregon.

From a rich palette Mother Nature paints the landscape with colors unlike anywhere else in the world.

A photographer’s delight with endless variations as the sun moves through the sky.

Truly a beautiful place to visit.


Mule Deer

Mule Deer





Irrigated wheat fields near the entrance to the Painted Hills

Irrigated wheat fields near the entrance to the Painted Hills



Mule Deer

Mule Deer


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  1. Wow. Just wow.


  2. John: when exactly did you travel here? Looks like it might be a good place to visit in the winter.


  3. Gorgeous! It’s so tactile I just want to reach out and touch the screen to run my fingers over the rock surface.


  4. Your mule deer look a lot like my white-tailed deer.
    Only….I think the mule deer have bigger ears.


    • Mule deer do have bigger ears. In fact, I believe that’s where their name comes from. And, unlike white-tailed deer, mule deer stot when danger is near. It looks like a pogo stick on four legs, but they can cover a lot of territory quickly.


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