North to Alaska XIV

We entered the Stone Mountain Provincial Park late in the afternoon of the 26th day of our trip. This was a magical time with plenty of opportunities to take photos of Stone sheep and later a bull moose.

After a hour or so of enjoying the Park, we drove to Fort Nelson and stayed at a nice B&B.

The proprietor had previously been the Mayor of the City and was a great Country Western music fan. He and his wife were a hoot to talk with, although I never could quite convince him that I wasn’t George Hamilton IV (whoever that is.)

The next day we headed south through Dawson Creek and Prince George before spending the night at Quesnel.

The last day of our trip found us driving through Cache Creek and Hope before crossing the U.S. Border at Sumas. In the evening we were back to Portland.

In terms of an epilogue to our month-long journey to Alaska, I would offer the following observations:

  1. Dan remains the world’s best tour guide.
  2. The Alaska Interior is a great place to be in the late spring/early summer.
  3. Mosquitoes are present everywhere in the Alaska Interior, but not to the extent I expected. Dan was right: The skeets can be ignored most of the time. I have endured much worse abuse from mosquitoes on alpine hikes in the Cascades as the snow melts.
  4. The McCarthy area in the Wrangall-St. Elias National Park is an amazing place to visit.
  5. The midnight sun is a grand treat. My body quickly acclimated, making it difficult to go to sleep. Who wants to give up valuable sunlight?
  6. It was an adventure of a lifetime: What more is there to say?
Stone Sheep snack time

Stone Sheep snack time

Irritated Moose Bull

Irritated Bull Moose

Heading south

Heading south

Mountain climber

Mountain climber and camouflage too

Black Bear

Black Bear

Heading south

Heading south

Inquisitive Stone Sheep

Inquisitive Stone Sheep

Southern British Columbia

Southern British Columbia


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