Wild Turkey and a Rainbow

With the heavy deluges of rain lately and lots of work-related meetings consuming my time, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to be on the trail lately.

To whet your appetites for my next adventure, here are a wild turkey and rainbow.

The pretty rainbow was a surprise visitor. I was on a hike on Sauvie Island during a a downpour. Then low-and-behold, for a few moments the sun broke out of the storm clouds.

Soon there was a large gorgeous rainbow dropping into the Columbia River. I couldn’t help thinking about the leprechaun’s pot of gold.

Not long after I was in the Glenwood area north of the Columbia River Gorge. Hiking in a mix of snow and rain, I spotted a group of wild turkeys. The fog was so thick that it was almost as dark as twilight. I had to set my ISO up to 2500 to take photos of the birds. Amazing!

Rainbow over the Columbia River

Rainbow over the Columbia River

A face only a mother could love (Wild Turkey)

A face only a mother could love (Wild Turkey)

A sunbreak on the Columbia River

A sunbreak on the Columbia River

Some snow in the Glenwood area

Snow in the Glenwood area

Klickitat River Valley

Klickitat River Valley



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  1. John,
    In this Christmas season with your God giving ability you have blessed us all year long with narratives and pictures of what , to me , is haven on earth, for that I thank you and praise you, as you have enriched my life, many times over.
    Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year

    Ed Lyon
    Community Director, FCA Ventura County
    P.O. Box 6033, Ventura, CA 93006

    See our Vision

    FCA UCLA Sports Camp

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Mathew 6:21
    Please Donate: http://www.venturacountyfca.org/Ed


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