Marilyn, Olivia Newton John, John Travolta and Vintage Autos

On a trip to Bridgeport Village to buy some new hiking poles, what did we see?

A vintage automobile¬†group were displaying their sparkling cars, mainly from the 50’s and 60’s.

To add to the ambiance, there was a band playing old hits and folks in period outfits. What fun!

Having owned a ’56 corvette in the long ago past, the event brought back great memories.

As we were leaving, the band began playing Mustang Sally (Guess you better slow that mustang down).

Olivia and John

Olivia and John

It doesn't get much better

It doesn’t get much better

Now that's a convertible

Now that’s a convertible

Is that Marilyn?

Is that Marilyn?

A classic "Goat"

A classic “Goat”



396 Chevelle, a '60s powerhouse

396 Chevelle, a ’60s powerhouse

Another fine looking convertible

Another fine looking convertible

Hudson Hornet, before its time

Hudson Hornet, before its time

Invokes American Graffiti

Invokes American Graffiti




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  1. Great pics as usual. Perry loved the Hudsons. When he was racing B cars at the oval, he put Hudson motors in them. That 6-cyl did a respectable showing in heats and trials; kept up pretty well in the longer race too. Your pictures brought back memories for me, too. Thanks.

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