Nikons Love the Color Red

New cameras, in this case a Nikon 7200, are always a trying experience. New settings need to be learned and adjustments have to be made.

In this case, even a fix was needed with the computer’s operating system to allow it to recognize the new camera’s 14-bit raw files.

Of course, any new toy has to be put through its paces. The following are a few initial photos I took around home and one in a forest setting nearby.

As always, Nikon cameras love the color red.

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

Kiki the Cat

Kiki the Cat



Blacktail Deer sneaking away

Blacktail Deer sneaking away







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  1. Wow! The saturated colors are wonderful. Do you photo shop any of these? Sandy

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    • I shoot in Raw format, then use Photoshop Elements to crop, etc. before saving them as Jpegs. But, the Nikon does a great job with the saturated reds. I didn’t “pump up” the photo of the geraniums.


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