Requiem for Kiki

The loss of a long-time pet is always tough.

Kiki was a special cat for us. She brought much enjoyment to our lives.

Mischievous, feisty, curious and loving – – – Kiki was all of that and more.

Like a familiar of old, Kiki followed my favorite model everywhere. They truly had a special bond.

At 14 years of age, cancer caught up with our pet. We grieve, but we also celebrate our fond and special memories of her.

Thankfully, she stayed full of life until almost the very end.

May Kiki rest in peace.

Kiki the Cat

Kiki the Cat

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  1. John, condolences to both of you on losing your beautiful cat (those eyes!). It’s so hard to lose a long-time pet.

  2. While I’m more of a dog person, pets in general make us human. RIP Kiki.

  3. So sorry for the loss of your furry loved one. It’s so sad when we have to let them go. But like you, I wouldn’t have missed the times with them. RIP, Kiki.

  4. What a beautiful cat, John. My deepest sympathies for the loss of Kiki. May she rest in peace.

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