A Stormy Climb to Phlox Point

The weather forecaster promised a sunny day I recalled while smearing on the sun protection. But, as expected I jinked myself.

For over ten miles it was heavy fog, light rain and even a little snow on the 3,000-foot summit.

Usually Phlox Point is one of the best destinations for a hike close to the Portland area.

It’s near the western end of the Columbia River Gorge, the trailhead is easily accessible, the trail doesn’t see a lot of use, it provides a good workout (ten miles with over 2,500 feet of elevation gain when the Bridge loop is added), and the views along the top of Hardy Ridge are open and far-ranging.

In late April the summit was obscured in heavy fog, and a cold wind was blowing out of the northwest with plenty of rain.

Still, I enjoyed the early spring wildflowers and the serenity of having the area to myself.

Stormy view from lower summit

Glacier Lily

Hardy Creek

Oregon Anemone

Blowdowns on the Bridge Trail

Bleeding Heart

Glimpse of the Columbia River from the lower summit



The bridge on the Bridge Trail

Glacier Lilies

Deluxe accommodations, three miles from the nearest trailhead





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