A Wildflower Bonanza on a Hike to Phlox Point

Phlox Point is the summit of Hardy Ridge, one of the best destinations for a hike close to the Portland area.

On this day it should have been called Honeysuckle Ridge. The honeysuckle bushes were covered with bright orange flowers on the upper ridge.

Tiger lilies, orange columbine, nodding onion, penstemon, larkspur and daises added to the colorful motif.

The eight-mile hike was a delight. Throw in 2,400 feet of elevation gain and the hike makes for some good exercise too.

Add this outing to your list of hiking favorites.

Hikers coming down from Phlox Point

Orange Honeysuckle

Wildflower garden along the upper trail

Cliff Larkspur


Looking down the lower portion of Hardy Ridge

Cat’s-ear Lily

Steep trail on west side of Hardy Ridge

Broad-leaf Penstemon

Nodding Onion (wild Lily)







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