A Gorgeous Hike to Burnt Lake in the Mt. Hood Wilderness

One of the prettiest lakes in the Mt. Hood area and a mountain to climb – – – this hike had it all, and great weather too.

After walking through a stile I followed the pleasant trail along Burnt Creek for several miles before crossing the Creek. Old burnt-out cedars were scattered along the trail serving as reminders of a severe forest fire in the 1800s. One of the cedars was almost 12 feet across at the base.

In the next one-half mile I came to Lost Creek Falls, a series of four waterfalls in a small canyon. After climbing the headwall on the well-graded trail, I reached very scenic Burnt Lake. There wasn’t a hint of a breeze, making for a clear reflection of Mt. Hood in the picturesque lake.

The next mile of the trail passed another small lake before reaching the Zigzag Mountain Trail. Soon I was at the 4,971-foot summit of East Zigzag Mountain. The views were extraordinary in all directions with Mt. Hood seemingly close enough to touch.

What a beautiful place to be and only 44 miles from Portland as the raven flies.

Mt. Hood reflected in Burnt Lake

Ripe Huckleberry


Burnt Lake


Snowberry Checkerspot Butterfly


Mt. Hood from headwall of Burnt Creek

White Rhododendron

Mt. Adams from East Zigzag Mountain

Marsh Marigold

East Zigzag Mountain

Burnt Lake below Mt. Hood






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  1. Outstanding John, need to get out there soon.

  2. As usual outstanding! Love Hallie

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