Dark-eyed Lady

On a very pleasant hike to 5,100-foot Fish Creek Mountain, I was entertained by small songbirds and butterflies.

On the open slopes the colorful wildflowers were clearly enjoying the warm sunshine, as was I. The butterflies were literally dancing in the breeze from flower to flower.

A pair of dark-eyed juncos had a nest on the summit of the mountain, a site of a long-removed fire lookout site.

There must have been some very hungry young ones in the nest. As I watched, the adults kept returning with tasty bugs to feed them. It appeared to be a never-ending chore.

The circle of life.

Edith Checkerspot Butterfly

Dark-eyed Junco with a snack for the kids

Edith Checkerspot Butterfly

Dark-eyed Junco leaping into flight










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  1. Great to find a nest, and watch the juncos busily feeding their nestlings. As always, terrific photos, John. I love the one with the junco’s mouth jammed full of bugs.


  2. The checkerspots are new to me. But maybe I don’t get out enough as they are definitely listed in Alberta. 🙂


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