Ruffed Grouse and Urban Deer

My plan was to enjoy a beautiful early autumn hike in the Indian Heaven Wilderness. But, two miles from the Junction Lake Trailhead the access road was closed. Who knows why – – – maybe a landslide.

Since there wasn’t any alternative trailheads close by, I decided to take a drive to Glenwood and look for some photo opportunities.

On the way I spotted a ruffed grouse near the road. It allowed me to take a few photos before flying off.

Mt. Adams dominated the skyline showing off its bright white fresh snow. In a few more weeks the aspen leaves will have turned golden setting up some nice framed photos of Mt. Adams.

The next day as I was leaving home two young blacktail bucks were wandering down the street. I guess you don’t always have to go to the wilderness to spot wild animals.

Ruffed Grouse keeping a close eye on me

Sunshine bringing out the brilliant autumn colors of Huckleberry leaves

Mt. Adams with fresh snow above 6,000 feet

Aspen trees picking up some autumn colors

Blacktail bucks in Portland



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  1. We had a visit from two moose in Wenatchee a couple of weeks ago. Happens occasionally but Deer are frequent visitors.

    • Two moose! Amazing! When I grew up in Wenatchee, before moving to the Okanogan, the nearest moose was a long ways off. By the way, are whitetail deer moving in or are they still all mule deer?

  2. Wow! Those huckleberry bushes are eye-poppingly beautiful. We also have ruffed grouse wandering around — I heard them once described as a lunchbox on legs. They do tend to think that if they stop moving they’re invisible. Fine if you’re in the bush — not so good if you’re on the road. 🙂

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