Salmon River Hike in the Autumn Mist

Lush old-growth forest along the banks of the Salmon River. Bright green licorice ferns hanging on the sides of wet cliffs. The lush aroma of wet earth under my feet.

The Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness southwest of Mt. Hood draws me to its beautiful area several times a year. Wildcat Mountain, Huckleberry Mountain, Devils Peak and Salmon Butte are typical destinations.

This day I hiked 5 1/4 miles to Goat Creek, enjoying the sights and smells of the rain forest.

The hike made for a fine outing on a dark, drizzly day. And, with its 1,300 feet of cumulative elevation gain, it provided some enjoyable exercise too.

May you enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

Tributary Creek

Upper trail

Very pretty Salmon River (a steelhead should be holding below the fast water)

Path to an overlook of the deep Salmon River Canyon

One of many large old-growth trees along the trail (Doug Fir in this case)

Salmon River Canyon

Portions of the trail are carved out o the cliffs

One of several creeks to ford

Sun breaking through the low-lying clouds

Autumn leaves lining the trail


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  1. Another stunning hike you take us on, John. What a glorious place in the world. Thank you.

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