A Beautiful Spring Day in late November

The day after Thanksgiving Day. The promise of warm sunshine on the south-facing slopes on the east side of the Columbia River Gorge.

A blacktail buck soaking up the rays. Ravens and eagles riding the thermals near the towering rimrock cliffs, looking for the next meal to catch.

Pretty blue skies seemingly stretching forever.

The remnants of a stretch of old road chiseled out of the cliffs, a short-lived experiment to use convicts for construction work a century ago.

The eight-mile loop hike east of Lyle was a beauty. I extended the hike by following game trails and old roads on the high ridges above the Columbia River.

Stopping at the site of the long-removed cherry orchard, I ate a snack and enjoyed the views.

A very nice way to spend a day.

A long look down the Columbia River with the city of Lyle far below

Basalt cliffs lining the high ridges

Oak leaves

The trail heading into the Oak Savannah

Fellow hikers enjoying the views

A portion of the Convict Road

Young Blacktail Buck taking a snooze in the sunshine

The Cherry Orchard (the cherry trees are long gone)

A view down the Columbia River

McCall Point in Oregon getting a little sunshine

Nice Trail sign






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  1. I’m happy to see that you were out on Friends of the Gorge property, John. I love hiking there in the fall and winter. We are purchasing another 60 acres in our current land campaign. This will open up options for some amazing new trails and views.

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