A Late November Hike through Columbia River Gorge History

Early morning with a little chill in the air. The fog was beginning to lift from the Husum valley, providing hope the sun would break through soon.

I parked near the lower Weldon Wagon Road Trailhead. The  2 1/2-mile wagon road was created in the early 1900’s to haul apples from the upper tablelands to the White Salmon River for transportation to markets.

After climbing out of the valley floor, the old wagon road quickly ascended to an open white oak savannah environment. For a few minutes the clouds to the south broke, highlighting the sun shining on the fresh snow on Mt. Hood’s summit.

At the end of the wagon road there was some old rusted farm equipment left there to capture a feel for the past.

Beautiful scenery, history to be experienced and some late-November sunshine – – –  it made one feel great to be alive.

Mt. Hood

Old farm equipment at upper trailhead

Low-lying fog in the Husum Valley

A mushroom in the oak leaves, a common sight

Looking down the old wagon road

Mt. Hood


Old wagon road heading up the mountain

Your Humble Scribe (those pants are becoming a little baggy)

Your Humble Scribe on a pretty spring day on the wagon road




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