Memaloose Hills in Mid-January

The Memaloose Hills are west of the Rowena Plateau, accessible from the Memaloose Overlook parking area.

In early spring the area is famous for its colorful wildflowers.

In mid-January I was a few weeks early for the big wildflower show. But, as always, there were plenty of other things to keep me entertained.

Only a few miles east of Hood River, this is a fine place to enjoy an outing. But, the concrete skies and drizzle were not great for taking photographs.

Looking down the Columbia River from the upper summit

Upper summit as seen from lower summit

Oak leaf refuses to fall

Lower trail leading through the Oak trees

Memaloose Island in the early morning light


McCall Point nearby

Lower summit

Grass Widows in early springtime on a prior year hike




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  1. This man has skills in the photography arena. Just sayin’.


  2. Leaves that refuse to fall, refuse to give in to gravity, always catch my eye. No oaks where I live, John, so this is a special treat. 🙂

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