A Winter Trek from Champoeg to Butteville

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Champoeg Park

Red-dead nettle and oaks toothwort are odd names for early-blooming wildflowers. It makes one believe neither had good marketing agents.

Nonetheless, the two small flowers are always fun to spot in late winter. And, I spotted many large, white trillium lilies in bloom too. Always a fine sight to see.

On the last weekend of March I did the nine-mile round-trip hike along the Willamette River from Champoeg (Cham-poo-e’)  Park to the Butteville Store. Besides the beautiful scenery, it’s always an interesting trip through history.

Champoeg Park is the location where in 1843 the settlers of the area voted to have Oregon became a provisional territory of the United States. And, the Butteville Store originally opened in 1863.

For those of you that follow the migration of birds, I saw several turkey vultures soaring in the sky. It surely is almost spring.

Trillium Lily

Butteville Store

A bug enjoying an Oaks Toothwort

Pleasant stretch of paved trail

House Wren (?) searching for a bug

Cottonwoods reflected in the Willamette River

Red-dead Nettle

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Indian Plum

Marshy section near the trail (Monet?)

Cherry Blossom





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  1. Nice intro to spring. I’m preparing my field for the the first crop of wild asparagus. Put my snow skis away and cleaning up the yard. Happy spring John to you and yours.

  2. Lovely photos, as always, John.

  3. Gotta do this one again soon. Great pics John!

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