Serenity at Soapstone Lake

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Soapstone Lake

On one of the first days of spring, I drove to the Soapstone Lake Trailhead in the Clatsop State Forest.

It is a relatively easy hike – – – three miles roundtrip with 475 feet of elevation gain.

The area lies on the west side of the Coastal Mountains about 13 miles from Seaside.

There were some early wildflowers in bloom, including yellow skunk cabbage, white trillium lilies, wood sorrel with its distinctive shamrock-shaped leaves, yellow stream violets and a few sweet coltsfoot.

Several newts had wandered out of the water to search for a mate. In a few more weeks the trail will be covered with them.

The trek led by a grassy meadow that was once the site of old homesteader’s cabin.

Upon reaching the far side of the Lake, I found a nice place to eat a snack while watching a few ducks float on the water.

The word serenity captures the feeling as I returned to the car.

Soapstone Lake

Trillium Lily


Wood Sorrel


Trillium Lily about ready to open

Soapstone Lake

Stream Violet

Mature Hemlock tree growing on a nursery stump (the roots will anchor it to the ground as the stump slowly erodes away)


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  1. Thanks for this yes, serene, walk through the spring woods, John. Gorgeous photos, lovely wildflowers, and a handsome foot bridge. Fun to think about the newts in abundance on the trail in the near future.

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