A Storey Burn

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Storey Burn

I enjoy hiking in the Coastal Mountains. The verdant rainforest with its abundant ferns, creeks and large trees are always a welcome change to my usual outings.

In early morning on the first weekend of April I was the only person at the Gales Creek Campground, and I wouldn’t see another person for the next five hours.

The steep, muddy trail along Gales Creek lasted about one mile before turning onto the Storey Burn Trail.

As the Trail began gaining elevation, it passed Slide Falls and many small tributary creeks. Spring wildflowers were poking out everywhere, trilliums, wood sorrel, toothwort, skunk cabbage and many more.

After crossing the Storey Burn Road, I descended on the west slopes of the Coastal Mountains to a path underneath Highway 6 near the Devil Fork of the Wilson River.

Turning east I began the ascent on a nice hiking trail to Roger’s Pass, my second crossing of the day over the crest of the Coastal Mountains.

From there it was a two-mile jaunt downhill on a well-maintained trail through second-growth forest to my car.

It was a good way to gain some well-needed solitude, and see many sword ferns, alders, maples, Douglas firs, a few hemlock  and pine trees, and of course many wildflowers.


Tributary creek

Wood Sorrel

Downey Woodpecker with a treat (grub)

Trillium Lily

A high springboard slot in a stump



Snow Queens

Pleasant stretch of trail


Stretch of trail below Rogers Summit

Indian Plum

Slide Falls

Sweet Colt’s Foot

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