A Beautiful Spring Day in the Eastern Columbia River Gorge

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Lyle Cherry Orchard

The last day of March. The promise of warm sunshine on the south-facing slopes on the east side of the Columbia River Gorge.

Ravens riding the thermals near the towering rimrock cliffs, looking for the next meal to catch.

Pretty blue skies seemingly stretching forever.

The remnants of a stretch of old road chiseled out of the cliffs, a short-lived experiment to use convicts for construction work a century ago.

The eight-mile loop hike east of Lyle was a beauty. I extended the hike by following game trails and old roads on the high ridges above the Columbia River.

Stopping at the site of the long-removed cherry orchard, I ate a snack and enjoyed the views.

A very nice way to spend a day.

Silvery Blue Butterfly on a Bicolored Cluster Lily

Trail heading toward the high cliffs

Death-camas Lily

Female Propertius Duskywing Butterfly

Yellow Bell Lily

Long look down the Columbia River Gorge over the town of Lyle

Big Root

Great Hound’s Tongue

A stretch of the abandoned Lyle Convict Road

Glacier Lily

Trailhead sign


A nice morning at the trailhead

Ball-head Waterleaf






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  1. Beautiful photos, John. Friends of the Gorge is acquiring a property at the top of that ridge–new, gorgeous views for you to enjoy on another trip.

    • Thanks Debbie. It was a beautiful day, unlike our last couple of days in the Portland area.
      Looking forward to seeing where the new acquisition is. You folks have been doing a great job over the last few years.

  2. We love the Cherry Orchard Trail too!! Great to hear it’s expanding!

  3. Our group was there a couple of weeks ago. What a difference two weeks makes for the flowers.

  4. I always get jealous of your backyard, John! Beautiful!

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