Wildflower Delight on the Roaring River

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I stopped at the mouth of the Roaring River to do some exploring. It’s a wonderful spot.

The River and it’s deep canyon are part of the National Wild and Scenic River System.

To my surprise, I spotted my first wild orchids of the season. The small, pink calypso orchid is one of my favorites.

In the same area there were trillium lilies, toothworts, snow queens, anemones and stream violets. Truly, a wildflower garden extraordinaire.

A few butterflies were also enjoying the wildflowers, adding a nice touch to the scene.

Calypso Orchid


Trillium Lily

California Tortoiseshell Butterfly that seen its better days


Collowash River Canyon (at one time a spectacular summer steelhead stream, now nothing)

Snow Queens

Calypso Orchid



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  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing these. The calypso orchid is an ever elusive delight, knowing they’re up will get me into the hills here in the lower Rogue to look for them. We’ve had an abundance of snow queens and brook wake-robins so far.

    • Thanks for the kind words.
      There are a lot of calypso orchids in bloom in the low country, both in the Coastal Mountains and the Columbia River Gorge.
      I also spotted a striped coral root orchid in bloom not long ago.

  2. Your photos are a delight, John. The numerous wildflowers are so lively and beautiful. The Collowash River Canyon overview photo is stunning. But it’s that calypso orchid that stole the show. Oh my goodness, what a glorious specimen to come upon.

  3. Hi Jon. Flowers photos are pretty. How long have you done this?

    • I’ve had my blog for quite a few years.
      In addition, at one time I was publishing articles and photos in the Oregonian.
      Now, I just do my blog for the pleasure of folks that enjoy the PNW as much as I do.

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