Colorful Spring Wildflowers on the Hike to Phlox Point

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Hardy Ridge

Phlox Point is the 2,957-foot summit of Hardy Ridge and one of the best destinations for a hike near the Portland area.

It’s located in Beacon Rock State Park at the northwestern end of the Columbia River Gorge.

The trailhead is large and easily accessible, the trail doesn’t see a lot of use, the hike provides a good workout (10 miles with 3,000 feet of elevation gain if the bridge loop is added), and the sights to see along the top of Hardy Ridge are open and far-ranging.

In mid-May the sping wildflowers were at their prime. Splashes of yellows, reds, chocolate and bright whites made the trail feel like a walk in a flower garden at times.

There were few clouds in the sky, providing spectacular 360-degree views from one end of the Gorge to the other.

Mt. Hood from Hardy Ridge

Chocolate Lily

Columbia River from Phlox Point (Spreading Phlox)

Fairy Lanterns (wild Lilies)

A pleasant stretch of the Bridge Trail

Red Columbine

Phlox Point

Wildflower garden (Serviceberry, Paintbrush and Parsley)

Mt. Hood from Phlox Point








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  1. Very beautiful, John. You’re so active, you’ll probably live to 115. Lol

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