Where were the Butterflies on Baskett Butte?

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Baskett Butte

Another fun visit to a National Wildlife Refuge in the Willamette Valley. This time the destination was the Baskett Slough NWR west of Salem. This is a fun location to hike with a combination of wetlands, and uplands with Oregon white oak.

The area is famous for its butterflies, but I didn’t see nary a one. I suspect part of the problem was the early wildflowers had already bloomed.

I also usually see a snake or two, and sometimes a few deer. This day I didn’t spot either.

I hiked to the top of Baskett Butte and did a little off-trail wandering to the north. For an outing of less than two miles, it made for a very pleasant outing.


View over the wetlands

Blue-eyed Grass

Beginning of trail to Baskett Butte

Oak Gall

Cluster Lily

Indian Plum


Turkey Buzzard

Bee enjoying a Wild Rose

Mt. Baldy (I wonder where it got its name?)


Pleasant stretch of trail through the Oak trees


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