Hiking to Oregon’s 130-foot Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls

On the west side of the Coastal Mountains near the upper Nestucca River lies an interesting hike.

It’s only one-mile long but very scenic.

The secluded trail drops 350 feet into a small canyon with high basalt walls.

Ferns and salmonberries line the trail through the dense forest.

In the bottom of the canyon the trail first reaches 100-foot Pheasant Falls, a lacy, fan-shaped waterfall.

Soon afterwards the end of the trail is found with a great view of 130-foot Niagara Falls, a high plunging waterfall ending in a bowl beneath the cliffs.

It made me wonder how many more waterfalls are located in the Coastal Mountains, beautiful but unapproachable due to the dense forests.

Niagara Falls

Blacktail Deer spotted on the way to the Trailhead

Pheasant Falls


Pleasant stretch of Trail


Salmonberries and Maidenhair Ferns



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  1. What is the strange orange berry-looking plant called?

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