Images of Central Washington’s Cascade Mountains

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Cascade Mountains

In mid summer I took a trip to Central Washington. Besides enjoying some beautiful hikes (blog posts to follow), I traveled around the region taking photos.

I explored the area along the Upper Yakima River, Little Naches River west of Yakima, Bethel Ridge between Chinook and White Passes, and Chinook Pass.

This is transition country. It begins in desert-steppe, passes through Pondorosa pine, and ends up in the tundra-like alpine environment. The variations were amazing.

I’m already looking forward to returning.

Summit of Mt. Rainier

Mule Deer Buck

Sandstone near the Yakima River

Hydapse Fritillary Butterfly (indignant?)

Mt. Rainier over Tipsoo Lake (lots of smoke haze in air)

Bistort (no, it’s not a pipe cleaner)

Footbridge over Yakima River

Classic basalt formations in the Rattlesnake Creek Drainage

Waterfall on the Little Naches River

Fifes Peak on the Chinook Pass Highway

Rustic Lodge west of Yakima

Sunrise Lake on Mt. Rainier


Highway approaching Chinook Pass on a hazy day (wildfire smoke)

I’ve climbed 7,800′ Mt. Aix many times in the past – – – one of the great vistas in all of Washington (lots of wildfire haze in this photo)

The Palisades: Basalt cliffs sculpted by glaciers and ice age floods (near Wenatchee)




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  1. John,
    I spent the summer I was 14 with your mom & dad. The pictures reminded me of many trips my Uncle Bus took me on.
    God Bless You


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