A Late July Hike in the Mt. Hood Wilderness

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Zigzag Canyon Overlook

During a visit from my nephew Jason and his lovely lady friend Ellen, I decided to showcase the area with a trip to Mt. Hood. Our first stop was Trillium Lake to take some shots of Mt. Hood reflected in the lake.

Next, we drove to Timberline Lodge at 5,900 feet. After admiring the Lodge, we hiked to the Pacific Crest Trail, a short distance above the Lodge.

Circling the mountain to the northwest, we enjoyed the crystal clear vistas seemingly extending forever – – – from Mt. Jefferson to the wheat lands of Central Oregon, and the spectacular summit views of Mt. Hood.

We crossed the Little Zigzag Canyon along the way, spotting various colorful butterflies, golden mantleds and late-blooming wildflowers. After reaching the overlook of Big Zigzag Canyon, we took a break and enjoyed the surroundings. The entire stretch of Mississippi Head, a large basalt rock formation, towered over the Canyon.

What a great way to spend a mid-summer day.

Ellen and Jason on the PCT

Hoffman’s Checkerspot Butterfly

False Hellebore in bloom

Rascal on the run

Your humble scribe on Mt. Hood

Coronis Fritillary Butterfly (a glum-looking character)

Mt. Hood rising above Trillium Lake

Your humble scribe and Jason on the PCT

Hydaspe Fritillary Butterfly


Mississippi Head below the summit of Mt. Hood


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  1. I love the picture of the Rascal on the Run – he really does look like he is up to something. The butterflies were beautiful and you caught their majestic repose wonderfully.

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