Umbrella Falls and Heather Meadows

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East side of Mt. Hood

As I put on my daypack, the clouds were gathering on top of Mt. Hood. Soon the upper 4,000 feet of the summit disappeared, and never reappeared on my five-hour hike.

I was parked at the end of the entrance road to the Meadows Ski Resort. I assumed it would be too late for the spectacular alpine wildflower show, but thought I might see some late bloomers and maybe an elk or two.

First, I decided to take a one-half mile detour to 60-foot Umbrella Falls, a pretty spreading angled slide. It was a very pleasant area with nice campsites nearby. I found where a small herd of elk had bedded down for the day, but never spotted one.

From there it was only a 1 1/2 mile ascent to the Timberline Trail. I headed north through the open meadows for several miles until reaching a nice overlook of the Newton Creek Canyon.

A very nice hike indeed!

Umbrella Falls

Gentain (one of the very few blue flowers)

Timberline Trail (two or three weeks prior the meadows would have been covered in colorful wildflowers)

Sitka Mountain Ash

Timberline Trail coming out of the Newton Creek Canyon (a sharp eye can spot a couple of hikers on the trail)

Old Man of the Mountain

Timberline Trail leading down into the Newton Creek Canyon

Pearly Everlastings lining the lower trail

Pink and Yellow Monkeyflowers

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood from Heather Meadows (photo from a previous year on a much nicer day)



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