Beautiful Golden Lake: Seven Miles from the Nearest Road and One Mile from the Nearest Marked Trail

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Golden Lake

Beautiful early fall weather. A flannel shirt was enough to keep me warm.

I was looking forward to Park Meadows, and then the fun hike to Golden Lake.

From 6,600-foot Golden Lake the summits and glaciers of Broken Top and the Three Sisters seemed close enough to touch. I then scrambled up another 500 feet of elevation to two beautiful tarns hidden in the volcanic rock, except this time the two lakes were empty when I arrived.

I hiked back to Golden Lake, broke out a snack and marveled at the spectacular views.

Golden Lake in the Sisters Wilderness, like Warm Lake in Goat Rocks Wilderness, is why we hike and explore the wild places.

Middle and North Sisters reflected in Golden Lake

Broken Top over Park Meadows

Empty tarn at 7,100 feet (Middle and North Sisters in distance)

South Sister reflected in Golden Lake

Early morning light on Middle Sister

Sure sign of fall

Three Sisters from below Golden Lake

Early morning light on South Sister

Much of the early miles of the trail go through a burn

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  1. Truly stunning vistas, John, and your photos are incredible. Interesting to see all the stages of mountain scenes, with the lakes, dried-up lakes, creeks, fall ice, and evidence of a forest fire. Fun to see the broken top of Broken Top. Thanks for taking us with you through the Cascades…my goodness, such beauty here.

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