Memaloose Hills at the end of 2018

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Memaloose Hills

The Memaloose Hills are west of the Rowena Plateau.

In early spring the area is well known for its colorful wildflowers.

In late December there were no wildflowers, but it felt like a springtime day. Temperatures were in the 40s and sunshine was heating up the grass under my boots.

Deer tracks and black bear sign were commonplace on the trail. At the higher elevations the views were far-ranging up and down the Columbia River Gorge.

In another five weeks the wildflowers will begin to bloom and I will look forward to returning.

View down the Columbia River

Mt. Hood

Trail passing through the Oak trees

Memaloose Island in the Columbia River

Mt. Adams peeking over the horizon

Oak Leaf

The topsoil is very thin, making for great wildflower habitat (likely a result of the Missoula Floods)

The only other hikers on the trail





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  1. What a beautiful collection of photographs! I didn’t get to spend much time in this area on my long PNW trip last year, so this gives me another hiking destination for the next trip’s itinerary.

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